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See our reading list for recommended reading on various topics. In general, this page intends to provide an outline of the most significant issues with Judaism as well as responses to the most common arguments made in support of Judaism. (See the bottom of this page for 3rd party resources.) Contributions to improve and expand on the content here are welcome.

Arguments in defense of Judaism (or any religion) are referred to as apologetics. (They may also be referred to as “Kiruv arguments,” with Kiruv, meaning “bring close” in Hebrew, referring to Jewish outreach.) Refutations of these arguments are counter-apologetics. We often get asked about apologetics, whether it be from other doubting Jews, from Jews curious about other perspectives, or from religious Jews seeking an argument. (That last one is against subreddit rules, so don’t do that! You can go to r/DebateJudaism, r/DebateReligion, or r/DebateAnAtheist for debates.) On this page, we’ve compiled some common questions and topical areas for counter-apologetics.

Why not believe in Judaism?

Common Arguments for Judaism

Arguments Against Judaism

Why Judaism is Bad for You

Counter-apologetics elsewhere on the Internet