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Leaving Judaism is a collaborative wiki and collection of resources created by people who have already left Judaism, to help others who are thinking of leaving too.

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Leaving a religion can be a difficult process, although it can also have many benefits. The benefits include more personal freedom, more experiences to choose from, as well as abandoning false and potentially harmful beliefs. The temporary difficulties might include a loss of social and cultural resources (losing friends or social groups, and meeting new people who aren't familiar with the cultural references that only other religious Jews might get). You will also be challenged to re-think some fundamental views you may have of the world (e.g. Did certain historical events happen? Are the Jewish people as unique as you may have been led to believe?).

Through this wiki, we aim to make your process easier by providing potential answers to many of the questions or obstacles that you might face, and by offering advice for common problems you may encounter.

The wiki is a project of members of /r/exjew, the Reddit community for people who have left or are leaving Judaism. Please join us there to ask any specific questions you may have, or to share your stories, experiences, or favorite memes related to leaving Judaism.

The topics covered on this wiki include:

We hope this wiki serves as a friendly and helpful resource for you along your journey.

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