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This wiki is a community project. It serves an important role: providing education and assistance to people who are questioning their Jewish faith, who are in the process of leaving religious Jewish life, or who have already left it, in part or in full. This group of people will be referred to as "ex-Jews" for brevity.

The project benefits from a multitude of voices and contributions, as long as they keep within certain boundaries. As such, we present our code of conduct. All content on this wiki must align with the rules set out here. Content that does not align with the code will be removed, and users who post it risk having their accounts banned without warning.

Content must be for ex-Jews

  • Content you post, whether articles, notes, discussions, media, or anything else, must be directly relevant to ex-Jews.
  • Content that is relevant to the general experience of leaving religious life is also welcome, but should be expressed in a way that is accessible and meaningful to ex-Jews.

No promotion of religion

  • This project has a negative view of the Jewish religion, and religion in general. Any kind of promotion for religions, cults, or religious or spiritual practices is not permitted here. There are vast resources elsewhere online promoting these ideas.

Respect people's privacy

  • Many people who leave religious life are not able to be open about their changes to their acquaintances, friends, or even close family members. For many, being exposed as a non-believing or non-practicing Jew may cause irreversible damage to their social and personal lives, sometimes even causing trauma and abuse. As such, this project has zero tolerance for the exposure/outing/doxxing of anonymous ex-Jews.
  • Similarly, the initial outing/doxxing of criminals or abusers, while an important action, is not tolerated here, unless there has already been a public exposure elsewhere. We recommend contacting local authorities and working with them as relevant.

No hate

  • LeavingJudaism has zero tolerance for hateful speech, including but not limited to racism, antisemitism, homophobia, bigotry, and cultural, ethnic or religious discrimination of any kind.

Legal content

  • Content may not break the law. This includes the upholding of copyrights regarding text content and all other media types. If in doubt, leave it out.

Help and inform

  • The express aim of this project is to educate, assist and inform. Entertaining content that is relevant is also welcome.
  • If you are unsure about whether your contribution is relevant, ask yourself: "Does this help and/or inform readers about something that is directly relevant to ex-Jews?". If you are still uncertain, you can contact the moderators of the /r/exjew subreddit for clarification.